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              Types of Credit Cards

              There’s a lot to consider when choosing a credit card. Here, we break down the different types of credit cards, and help figure out which Discover card is best for you.

              Secured Credit Card Myths and Realities

              Many people have misunderstandings about secured credit cards and how they work. Learn the facts about how secured credit cards can help your financial life.

              Busting 5 Common Credit Card Myths

              When it comes to credit cards, there's a lot of misinformation out there. Here are five of the most common credit card myths, and why they are false.

              Is a Store Credit Card a Smart Move?

              It's important to know how much interest you may be paying, the rewards you'll be granted and how store cards affect your credit score. Get the info you need…

              More in Types of Credit Cards

              What Is an Unsecured Credit Card?

              You may have heard the term "unsecured credit card" but do you know what it means? Learn how they work and about alternative card…

              Find a Credit Card That Fits You

              It's important to find a credit card that suits your needs. Use these steps to help determine what credit card is the right fit for…

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